Welcome to the music production website of Toronto based producer and composer Marc Koecher. The primary goal of the work done here is to achieve the highest levels of musical creativity and audio fidelity through the collaboration with clients.
Combining experience of production with the talents of an artist is a process we try to keep as transparent but inspiring as possible. The goal is to focus on the artistic voice while supporting it with musical creativity, experience in the process and technical fidelity.
Offering recording on wide analogue formats with lots of options in high end front end gear, to mixing in a hybrid analog/digital environment with plenty of character outboard signal paths. See the instruments and spaces that are used in our creations.
The emotional impact of music is something everyone understands. It's a connection we make with every project we work on before the writing even begins. Scoring films to original songs always begins with finding the message and building a unique vision around that.
Submit your material online through our dedicated servers and receive mixes with our full professional attention at fixed rates and schedules. Click on the link above for more information and help with this process. These services aim to help you with each stage of your production and we will answer any questions you have along the way, even before sending us your raw tracks.